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A Simple Guide to Homemade Baby Food

Now that our twins are 6 months old, we have started introducing them to different fruits and veggies. I almost forgot how fun (and messy) this new milestone is! Making homemade baby food is something I decided to try a couple years ago with our first daughter. I was a little intimidated and skeptical on […]

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Open Letter to My Kids Entering Fourth Grade

The Fourth Grade: An Open Letter to My Twins

When I think back on my elementary years, fourth grade is a time I remember vividly. It’s the furthest back I can go and reminisce on exact conversations, what I was feeling, or how I dressed without the help of pictures. This year, you will be entering the fourth grade and even though each year […]

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Differently Gifted: Let’s Stop Comparing Twins

“That one is so much chubbier!”  “Awww, she must be the shy one.”  “This one’s going to be the talker!” From the moment they are born, twins are compared. Which one weighs more? Which one eats better? Who is the better sleeper?  Who is the more content baby?  I’ll confess that one of my initial […]

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Twins Birth

Being the Fertile Friend

Yesterday, Katie shared her experience of struggling with infertility when your friends are not. Today, Lindsey opens up about the opposite experience–coming to terms with high fertility among friends who struggle to conceive. Both stories show the love and support that both sides have for each other, as well as the challenge of relating to the other […]

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