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The Not-So-Terrible Twos

“Oh, boy! You’re brave,” a well-meaning lady said to me as we walked through the doors of a store, giving my toddler a smile. I knew what she was referring to, as many people have given me the same all-knowing look as my 2-year-old  and I are out and about: The Terrible Twos. Sure, we […]

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Lessons From My Late Walkers

Lessons From My Late Walkers

Baby milestones are a unique thing. As moms, we are constantly waiting for our child(ren) to do the next cool thing, but then at the same time we want them to never grow up. We can’t wait for them to start communicating with us, but then they never are quiet when they do start talking. […]

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Trial and Error with a Todder: 12- 18 Months

When Your Baby Becomes a Toddler…

I will never forget the headline of my weekly status email from BabyCenter on June 23rd that read, “Congratulations! Your baby is now a toddler.” WHAT? How can that be? He went to bed as an eleven month old, and now he’s a toddler? No, that can’t be. He just turned one. If we were […]

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Childhood Matters Earlier is Not Better

Childhood Matters: Earlier is NOT Better

I see you, mama.   You, who worries because your toddler could care less about colors, shapes, or counting. All while your neighbor’s tot rattles them off like the daily special.   You, who’s two-year-old still rarely says a word. You’ve seen kids younger than him reciting nursery rhymes, complete with actions. You, who receives […]

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Skip the Pool 10 Ideas for Water Play with Toddlers

Skip the Pool: Water Play for Toddlers

With the hot and sticky summer weather, we’ve been constantly on the lookout for fun ways to keep cool. My daughter loves being outside, so we often find ourselves playing in water! However, I don’t feel comfortable enough to let her swim on her own yet. So here are 10 toddler-friendly ways to play in […]

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The Vegetable Dilemma 1

The Vegetable Dilemma: Tips, Tricks & Recipes

Have a toddler who won’t eat their vegetables? Or, more likely, have a husband who won’t eat their vegetables? Need some new ideas on sneaking those healthy foods into their diet? This is for you. Because I’ve been there – I’m still there!  Here are some vegetable tips I’ve learned so far: Be mindful of your facial […]

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Helping toddlers adjust to a new baby sibling

Helping Toddlers Adjust to a New Baby Sibling

Our baby girl was laying on a blanket with her delightfully chubby legs kicking the air.  When she started fussing, I jumped up to get her a toy, but my toddler plopped down onto the blanket next her.  What she said next was everything to me: “Her is ok. Her gots me.” Having a new […]

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