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Mama takes a time-out

Mama Takes a Time-Out

Like other parents, sometimes I have to put my two and a half year old in time-out. There are various reasons he can land there – he’s not listening, acting too crazy and needs to calm down, he’s being too rough with his brother….so on and so forth. After the initial melt down, he generally responds […]

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The Laundry Will Never Be Done And Other Truths

The Laundry Will Never Be Done and Other Truths

We had some friends come over for dinner recently. That means I spent all afternoon cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and mopping the floors, dusting, straightening up, and vacuuming our living room.  The counters were clear and clean, the sink was empty and sparkling, and the floors were cleaner than they’d been in a long, long […]

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