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Grandparents Day: What the Greatest Grandparents Do

Grandparents Day: What The Best Grandparents Do

Every summer, my husband and I take our three kids back to our hometown for a long visit. The best part is coming home with stories of fishing, baking, gardening, nature walks, boating, and other priceless memories of our parents and children enjoying each other. Upon returning home this past summer, our kids were excitedly […]

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The First 63 Days With Three Kids: How To Survive

Sixty-three days of life with three kids. I know what I’m supposed to say: “I’m soaking up every second.” “It’s been the greatest joy.” ”We are adjusting wonderfully.” If you judge our life by Instagram posts, it appears we do nothing but smile and love on each other in our catalog clean outfits. Those photos […]

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