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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, and I Want Them Both

Tips for Remembering Your Child’s Voice

It’s no secret that our momma’s hearts are in a constant struggle of “Stay young,” and “Hurry and grow up, will ya?” I am not immune to that struggle. I would gladly throw out every diaper, never to return to this house again. All the while, I am still praying, please stay young enough to […]

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Won't Be Three Forever: A Day with a Threenager

Won’t Be Three Forever: A Day with a Threenager

When my daughter became a toddler, we were warned all about the “Terrible Twos.”  Each month after her second birthday we held our breath and waited for the sassy, fit throwing behavior to start.  We waited and waited. We thought we had missed this dreaded phase… …and then she turned 3.  There was a bonafide “Threenager” […]

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Childhood Matters Earlier is Not Better

Childhood Matters: Earlier is NOT Better

I see you, mama.   You, who worries because your toddler could care less about colors, shapes, or counting. All while your neighbor’s tot rattles them off like the daily special.   You, who’s two-year-old still rarely says a word. You’ve seen kids younger than him reciting nursery rhymes, complete with actions. You, who receives […]

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Best Sensory Items for Sensory Kids

Best Sensory Items for Sensory Kids

When my son, Everett, was about 18 months, we started noticing little things. Screaming when we would try to cut his nails, full on meltdowns when we tried to cut his hair. I assumed that these were just phases and normal toddler behavior. Then he started to refuse to wear certain shoes and pants, and […]

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Mom’s Guide to the Downtown Cedar Rapids Public Library

Whether it’s you who needs to get out of the house or your kids who are itching to explore the world, we’ve all been there. Sometimes you’re organized and on time (ha!) and are able to utilize the programs in our community that have set time frames. Other times, though, it’s refreshing to have resources that […]

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Raising Thankful Hearts: 5 Thanksgiving Traditions to Encourage Gratitude

You’ve probably scoured Pinterest for new recipes or pulled out Grandma’s handwritten recipe for her famous pumpkin pie. Maybe you’ve made grocery lists, clipped coupons, and are beginning to prepare for house guests. You might be getting travel plans set.  Or maybe you’ve mapped out and created a spreadsheet (Yes, this really happens and high-five to […]

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