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Gestational Diabetes: My Unexpected Diagnosis

When I became pregnant with my second child, I had this false sense that since it was my second pregnancy, it would go so much smoother. I knew to expect each pregnancy would be different. Yet, I hoped my first pregnancy would help me feel more prepared, stronger, and calmer. I was okay until I […]

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A Letter to My Rainbow Baby

A Letter To My Rainbow Baby

Hello, little bundle of joy! You’re still growing away in my belly, but time is flying by and we know we will get to meet you soon. We were busy navigating our way through the holiday season, your brother and sister’s many activities, and preparing the nursery for your arrival. It’s been almost an entire […]

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Appreciate Pregnancy: Look What You've Done!

Appreciate Pregnancy: See What You’ve Done!

A blueberry. An avocado. A banana. A zucchini. A pineapple. What do those words mean to you? A variety of fruits and vegetables? Sure. To me, right now, those words have described the living, breathing being that is growing inside of me.   My body is growing another human being. A child is growing inside […]

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25 Truths of Being Pregnant When You Have a Toddler 1

25 Truths of Being Pregnant When You Have a Toddler

If you’ve been pregnant with a toddler, you probably can relate to most, if not all of these. If you haven’t, but are thinking about it…heads up. FIRST TRIMESTER: Your toddler probably finds your morning sickness hilarious. However, you will not. If your toddler isn’t a picky eater already, they may become one. You know […]

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pregnancy the second time around

Second Pregnancy: Different All Around

The second time…we’re pregnant again! We are so fortunate to be able to say that. But oh, how things are different when you find out you’re pregnant with your second child. Our Daughter There are thoughts of how this will change our little girl, she is about to become a big sister. Our daughter will […]

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