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Saying YES to the Mess

Saying YES to the Mess!

Sorry, but I don’t like messes! I strip my toddler naked before nearly every meal. I cringe at the thought of flour being thrown everywhere as I try to bake. And I steer clear of mud puddles and sand boxes as best I can. Now I don’t want to come across as an over-the-top girly girl or something […]

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Blog 5 family - Am I doing this right

Am I Doing This Right?

Most of the time I feel like Nick and I are a pretty well-oiled machine. We have a schedule, and we stick to it. More times than not we are smooth sailing. But real life is never like that all the time. Curveballs await at every turn. This past week in particular was full of […]

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The Gift of Experiences

The Gift of Experiences: Non-Toy Gift Alternatives

Between birthday parties, grandparents and aunties, or the joy we get ourselves in shopping for our littles… Our kids accumulate A LOT of STUFF. I have a one-year-old girl right now, and our toy baskets and book cases are already overflowing. Mamas of multiples and kids who’ve had far more birthdays than our daughter–how do you do […]

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Crying Baby

Dear Mama: This Too, Shall Pass

Dear Exhausted/Fed-Up/Worn-Out Mama, I see you downing your 2nd (or 3rd!) cup of coffee. Donning the shades to hide the bags under your eyes. You’ve been run ragged by the endless stream of questions thrown your way. The mess that magically seems to gravitate to the floor after you just cleaned up.  The bickering. The […]

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