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Giving Yourself Grace

Giving Yourself Grace In Motherhood

While pregnant with our twins, I never knew how my heart would be able to love two new babies as much I loved my 2-year-old. It’s difficult to even write that now, because I can’t imagine living one breath without them. All of my anxious thoughts dissipated the moment we locked eyes. My heart just […]

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Boy to Man: Raising My Son Through #metoo

2017 was a marker year for women. We found voices. We found each other. We lead a movement that will not soon be forgotten or ignored. The lions among the lambs were ousted. A strange wave of power runs through the hearts and minds of women collectively. Women everywhere are rising up and taking a […]

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I'm a Fresh Air Mom

I’m a Fresh Air Mom

You’ve heard the different mom types: crunchy, free-range, helicopter, and so on. I don’t know if I fit into any of those categories, or even what they are for that matter, but I’ll tell you the type of mom I am: I’m a Fresh Air Mom. What is it with being cooped up inside all […]

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Second Baby: An Ode to My Youngest

Second Baby: An Ode to My Youngest

Dearest Little Boogs, As you near your second birthday, I have come to realize that the differences between you and your brother are more than just looks and personality. How you were brought into the world and then raised have been quite different. When I was pregnant with your brother, I counted down, week by […]

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Being Known as "The Strict Mom"

Being Known as “The Strict Mom”

This summer I was able to get together with some friends for a night of catching up. We enjoyed each others’ company over a glass of wine out by the fire pit on a cool night. Over the course of the evening, we reminisced about the younger years when our daughters first met and how […]

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Learning the Power of Saying "No"

Learning the Power of Saying No

I’m a yes person. Can you join this committee? Yes! Can you take on this project? Yes! Are you available Saturday afternoon from 2-4? Yes! You in for girls night Friday? Yes! I don’t say “Yes” to things I don’t want to do. My problem is that I want to do ALL OF THE THINGS. […]

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Your Chaos Might Make Someone's Day

Your Chaos Might Make Someone’s Day

It was my last day of summer break with the kids. I was struggling to make it both fun for them and productive for me, since I knew that heading back to teaching meant losing the freedom to run errands as needed. I had to make a return and exchange at Old Navy. That’s when […]

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