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5 Kid Crafting Must Haves for Easy Clean Up

5 Crafting Must Haves for Easy Clean Up

Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. I don’t love doing crafts with my kids. Truth be told, they don’t love it either. (I’m raising boys who love them some gross motor activity!) But, I do see the value and benefits of painting, cutting, coloring, gluing, and other creative based fine motor activities. Perhaps you’re like me […]

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Slime Time: Just Do It!

I tried to avoid slime like the plague. I refused to buy it premade or the necessary ingredients to make it. My daughter  labeled me the Not Fun Mom. Then something happened. I asked myself why I did not want to make it. The simple answer was I just did not want the mess. But my daughter […]

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Process Art for All Ages

Process Art for All Ages

Growing up, I loved arts and crafts. I was always creating something new for my parents to hang on the refrigerator. Now that I’m a mom, I still like to do arts and crafts with my daughter, but instead of making our projects look like the ones we see on Pinterest (spoiler alert: they were […]

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Party Like a Gilmore: Hosting a Gilmore Girls Viewing Party

Any Gilmore Girls fans out there? Along with most die-hard fans of the show, I have been anxiously awaiting this revival as soon as I caught wind of the news over a year ago. Ideas for a Gilmore Girls-themed party starting turning in my mind right away, and they piled up as I re-watched all […]

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Fall Decor Photo Roundup | 40 Images to Inspire

Say the word “fall” and the whole country breathes a collective sigh of seasonal adoration. Fall represents a welcome reprieve from the oppressive heat and manic activity of summer, and the vibrant displays of colorful trees are nature’s way of celebrating change. As the crops are harvested from the fields, kitchens become abuzz with preparation and preservation […]

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