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5 Favorite Instant Pot Soups and Stews

As a working mom, I arrive home around 5:00 and everyone is ready to eat dinner at that very moment (including me). I used a crock pot for many years, but by the time we got home, it was overcooked and dry. The Instant Pot is changing the way we do dinner, one perfectly pressure cooked […]

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Gifts for Men: Thinking Outside the Box

Buying a gift for a child is easy. The toy aisle is flooded with possibilities to spoil them. Men, on the other hand, can be a real challenge to surprise with a worth-while gift. The problem begins with the various types of men you may be shopping for. There is the man who claims to […]

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Your Chaos Might Make Someone's Day

Your Chaos Might Make Someone’s Day

It was my last day of summer break with the kids. I was struggling to make it both fun for them and productive for me, since I knew that heading back to teaching meant losing the freedom to run errands as needed. I had to make a return and exchange at Old Navy. That’s when […]

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Favorite Finds: Aldi

Favorite Finds: Aldi

The recent grand re-opening at the Marion Aldi location had me all sorts of excited. You know that thrill-of-the-hunt feeling you get at a garage sale or TJ Maxx, knowing you scored the one and only of something? I get a similar feeling while scoring deals throughout the aisles of my dear Aldi. I missed […]

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How a Bystander Can Help a Hot Mess Mom

I have gone ahead and purchased an annual pass to the Hot Mess Express. I know that I am an absolute hot mess and I own it. Under “Hot Mess” in the dictionary (or Urban Dictionary) you may find a photo of me. I am looking with half-open, sleep deprived eyes. My hair is pulled […]

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Beginner's Mind: "Shoshin" Parenting

Beginner’s Mind: “Shoshin” Parenting

Last school year I had the opportunity to hear educator, author, and speaker, Mr. John Perricone. His words spoken that day, as well as the words written in his book, Zen and the Art of Public School Teaching, changed me. He spoke of the Zen philosophy taught to him by his karate master, known as Master […]

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