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Mama takes a time-out

Mama Takes a Time-Out

Like other parents, sometimes I have to put my two and a half year old in time-out. There are various reasons he can land there – he’s not listening, acting too crazy and needs to calm down, he’s being too rough with his brother….so on and so forth. After the initial melt down, he generally responds […]

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4 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Life is busy. Like, really busy. As a working mom, my time is precious.  I’m sure a stay-at-home mom feels the same way.  Anything I can do to give myself more time is certainly welcome.  Finding ways to simplify my life equals finding ways to give myself more time.   That’s something we all can […]

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Preparing for Baby Cover

Preparing for Baby {This Time}

I am officially just eight weeks out from the birth of baby #2. But based on my level of preparedness, you’d think I just found out I was pregnant last month. From the time I started announcing my pregnancy, people started telling me that preparing for baby #2 would be completely different than preparing for baby […]

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