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Letting Them Grow: Raising Kids In A Scary World

Letting Them Grow: Raising Kids In a Scary World

Being a parent comes with an entire list of responsibilities, recommendations, do’s and don’ts…the advice from others goes on for days. I’ve personally been a mother for ten years now. Never once did anyone give me advice for the challenges that society deals with on a daily basis. I never imagined my kids would grow […]

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A Letter to My Rainbow Baby

A Letter To My Rainbow Baby

Hello, little bundle of joy! You’re still growing away in my belly, but time is flying by and we know we will get to meet you soon. We were busy navigating our way through the holiday season, your brother and sister’s many activities, and preparing the nursery for your arrival. It’s been almost an entire […]

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Reflecting on the Holiday Season as a Mom

Reflecting on the Holiday Season as a Mom

Twenty years ago, a ten-year-old girl entered a holiday writing contest for the local newspaper. The theme was “What Christmas Means to Me,” and the entry was mandatory for her fifth-grade class. In typical “me” fashion, I’m sure I sat down the night before it was due and threw some words on paper to just […]

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Open Letter to My Kids Entering Fourth Grade

The Fourth Grade: An Open Letter to My Twins

When I think back on my elementary years, fourth grade is a time I remember vividly. It’s the furthest back I can go and reminisce on exact conversations, what I was feeling, or how I dressed without the help of pictures. This year, you will be entering the fourth grade and even though each year […]

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