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So I'm Having a Christmas Baby

So I’m Having a Christmas Baby…

My favorite months of the year are as follows, in this order: July October December These have been my favorite months for as long as I can remember – well before kids. Fast forward to having kids and my oldest just happen to be born in July, my soon-to-be-middle in October. Further reasons to love […]

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The Chaos of a Sick Child for a Working Mom

The Chaos of a Sick Child for a Working Mom

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a mom of some sort. So you all know being a mom is hard – whether you’re a stay at home mom, working mom or something in between. Parts of this mom gig are amazing and awesome, which makes up for the parts that flat out suck. I […]

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Instant Pot

The Skinny on the Instant Pot

A few months ago I was pursuing Pinterest and came across a post for something called an Instant Pot. (Although, at that time I read it as Insta-Pot.) Curious, I flipped over to Amazon to see what this thing was. A pressure cooker, eh? Don’t those things blow up houses?  Instant Pot recipes were chalked […]

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Postpartum depression take 2

Postpartum Depression – Take 2

A year ago today was one of those day that changes the trajectory of your life – although, I wouldn’t realize it until months later. This is my story of postpartum depression – the second time around. Around 4 am one year ago, my phone rang. I saw that it was my dad calling and […]

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Sick Day Smoothie

Easy Sick Day Smoothie for Kids

A week-and-a-half ago, my youngest came down with influenza, followed closely by my husband. I held my breath for the next 5-7 days waiting for my three-year-old and myself to get it. Those 5-7 days came and went with no signs of either of coming down with it and the sick ones rebounded fairly quickly.  […]

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Rehoming Our Family Pet

Two days ago, my husband and I did something we swore up and down we would never do. No, I am not talking about a cliché pre-parenting thing such as let our kids watch TV or eat sweets. We rehomed one of our beloved dogs. It was a gut-wrenching decision that we went back and […]

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