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Recovering From a Mom’s Night Out

You’ve planned a night out on the town with the girls. Your friends need this. Your kids need this. Your sanity needs this. You can’t back out now, even though you’re having second thoughts. You’ve reserved a sitter, made the dinner reservations (yes, you’re going to eat off of real plates instead of paper), and […]

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If Moms Ruled the World

Moms are seriously the jack of all trades. Can you imagine if moms ruled the world? A place where people ate their veggies, had time-outs if they were naughty, and were loved unconditionally, no matter what? A world of good manners, boundaries, respect, and compassion? Oh, and we’d have some of the best-smelling, story-telling, bun-wearing, […]

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I’m Not Ashamed of Being a Working Mom

When the time comes to decide to stay home or return to work, there are so many things to consider – daycare costs, income sacrifices, leaving baby with strangers, socialization, missing milestones, etc. For me, the choice was not always clear, but I know now I did the right thing for my baby and me. We spent […]

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Rocking the Mom Bod

“The weight will just melt off when you breastfeed,” they all said. “You’ll be back in your pre-pregnancy jeans in no time!” So, so wrong they were. I’ve been nursing Stella for going on nine months and have maybe lost twenty pounds and a handful of inches. What gives? I thought I was supposed to burn […]

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