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A Mom’s Rendition of the ABCs

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if motherhood were as easy as reciting the ABCs? It’s silly to believe being a parent would be as easy as reciting and memorizing a quintessential childhood song, but wouldn’t it be fun if we “mom-ified” it? ‘Cause Lord knows, we need a laugh. From A to Z, here is the mom’s […]

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SAHMs vs Working Moms: Motherhood in Their Shoes

Motherhood is a wild ride. There isn’t a manual handed to you when you leave the hospital. With time, you learn what works, what doesn’t and what sacrifices you are willing (or have) to make. Motherhood, no matter if it’s in the home or outside of it, comes with its nuances, struggles, accomplishments, and fears. No […]

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40 Date Nights in Cedar Rapids

40 Cedar Rapids Date Night Ideas

It’s not often that my hubby and I get to enjoy a date night on the town. If I’m being honest, it’s probably been a few months. When we do have a date night, we always choose a location we haven’t been to before, and we always ensure that it’s local to Cedar Rapids (meaning that […]

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50 Candy Free Easter Basket Ideas

50 Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas

I really do love Easter. The brunches, powerful sermons, the unbelievably cute Easter dresses, and of course the candy and Easter baskets. My daughter is 16 months old. She doesn’t eat candy and really doesn’t understand the concept of the Easter Bunny bringing and hiding chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and trinkets. In fact, the entire […]

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A pile of Christmas gifts in colorful wrapping with ribbons.

Holiday Humblebragging: Think Before You Post

I love Christmas, and this upcoming Christmas will be an exciting one for our family. Although it’s not my 13-month-old’s first Christmas, it’s her first time truly experiencing it – the shiny wrapping paper, the twinkling lights, decorating (or climbing on) the tree, singing yule tide carols, and stuffing her face with too much decadent holiday-themed food. […]

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