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World Breastfeeding Week – Cedar Rapids Style

August 1st-7th is World Breastfeeding Week. What is World Breastfeeding Week? World Breastfeeding Week normalizes breastfeeding, raises awareness of the healthcare risks of not breastfeeding, and provides a more public image of local support groups so all mothers have access to care at varying levels. What’s going on in the Corridor Area to celebrate World […]

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A New Breastfeeding Resource: La Leche League of Cedar Rapids

In preparation for World Breastfeeding Week, which occurs the first week of August annually, I interviewed Katie Hatch, one of the co-leaders of the new La Leche League of Cedar Rapids. This August 6th, their chapter will be hosting a celebration called Live, Love, Latch! at Guthridge Park in Hiawatha to celebrate their addition to […]

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Your Pediatrician Isn’t Your Parenting Expert

Everyone hates unsolicited parenting advice, and it seems as if there’s been an upsurge of it coming from a very confusing source.  It’s not Facebook. It’s not a parenting magazine. It’s from your pediatrician. Scroll through your local mom’s group, breastfeeding group, play date group, etc. and you’ll likely see something moms are questioning related […]

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The Only Toys You Should Buy

After packing and unpacking toys for three kids, I’ve realized that it’s really in every caregiver’s best interest to purchase items that grown-ups can use, too.  Store-bought baby toys often look like hundreds of dollars in cheap, plastic, screaming-loud, blinky items that will not only collect dust, but will also teach your kids swear words […]

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Sleep Deprivation is Real, People

I contemplated taking my most recent sleep deprived embarrassing story to the grave, but decided to own it.  Lack of sleep often leads to a navy seal-like ability to work through extreme circumstances, such as keeping your kids miraculously alive while you forget to do basic things like put a shirt on over your bra, […]

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