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what to say to an adoptive family

What to Say to an Adoptive Family

Here’s my hope: that by now we mostly know what not to say to an adoptive, or pre-adoptive family. There have been countless articles and videos on being sensitive, and using correct verbage. “Yes, I’m her real mom. ” (Do I look like a unicorn?!) “I think what you meant to say was biological.” We know this […]

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Curiosity and Empathy: Remedy the Marital Tug of War

Curiosity and Empathy: Remedy the Marital Tug of War

Sometimes there’s this thing that creeps into our marriage. And our parenting. It’s not pretty. But, please tell me we aren’t the only ones. It’s kind of difficult to explain, but I think it’s a cross between a subconscious (alright, sometimes conscious) tally system, and a marital tug of war.  Eeek. I’ve already said too much. […]

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Letter to the class of 2029

A Letter to the Class of 2029

My daughter just graduated kindergarten. It was precious. It really was a sweet ceremony and I enjoyed it. However, the teacher shared a fun fact.  “Your children will graduate high school in 2029.” First of all. IS THAT A YEAR?! Secondly, I refuse to picture my 6 year old graduating high school and heading off to college (most […]

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