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Embracing My Mom Bod

Those of you who know me are probably wondering why I am even writing about my body. Yes, I’ve been gifted with a high metabolism, tall figure, and haven’t had weight issues in my life. Breastfeeding allowed me to shed the 30 lbs I gained with each of my pregnancies and brought me within 5 […]

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5 Must Have Items for Baby #2

5 Must Have Items for Baby #2

Many moms religiously research baby products for their first baby. They read through all of the reviews of products before adding it to their registry, making sure that it will be perfect for their new baby. Products are added that are rarely used and end up taking up space. I have always been known as […]

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Beyond Pretty: Ways to Empower Young Girls

Beyond Pretty: Easy Ways to Empower Young Girls

My almost three-year-old daughter has started to compliment me every day. “Mommy, you’re so pretty.” I appreciate the endearing compliment from her. A few days ago we were in the car and once again she said, “Mommy, you’re so pretty.” I replied with my usual, “Thank you. You’re so kind.” The next words out of […]

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Pumping at Work: Everything You Need to Know

Pumping at Work: Everything You Need to Know

I feel fortunate to say that I nursed my first daughter until she was a year and am currently 10 months in on the nursing journey with my second. Around the clock nursing sessions and giving up dairy with my second daughter made me want to throw in the towel several times in the first […]

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kid friendly zucchini recipes

Kid Friendly Zucchini Recipes

Summer for our family means fresh foods from our garden. Admittedly, I have nothing to do with our garden. My husband plants everything, checks on the produce and picks it all. This doesn’t stop me from reaping the benefits of fresh tomatoes, onions, green beans, tomatoes, and most of all zucchini. If you garden, you […]

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6 Easy Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers

April generally brings warmer temperatures, fresh flowers and the opportunity to get outside after the long winter months. Parents welcome all of these things with open arms after being cooped up inside with stir crazy kids. Unfortunately, April also brings rainy days, which often means being stuck inside again. We can only handle one more coloring […]

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