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Dear Daughter: Being a Girl is Hard1

Dear Daughter: Being a Girl is Hard

Honest mother moment. There are times I am terrified about raising a daughter in today’s world. Let’s face it. Girls can be mean and ruthless. They can be impressionable and easily give into peer pressure. Girls have body issues. They often feel vulnerable and if you ask me, all of this starts way too young […]

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When Maternity Leave Ends: Preparing for Daycare

Oh, maternity leave. The “magical” weeks following the birth of a baby when a working mom gets to stay home with her newborn.  No matter how many weeks you’re able to have there’s one thing that remains true… It’s never enough. Let’s face it. Those week aren’t always magical. Sure, they have their wonderful moments… […]

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Screen Free Week: 22 Easy & Fun Outdoor Activities

22 Easy & Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Thinking back to when I was growing up, I remember being outside…a lot.  When the weather started getting warmer and the days got longer, my brother and I would head outside after school. We’d come in for dinner, and then head right back outside until dark.  It’s just what we did.  Honestly, we didn’t have […]

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Appreciate Pregnancy: Look What You've Done!

Appreciate Pregnancy: See What You’ve Done!

A blueberry. An avocado. A banana. A zucchini. A pineapple. What do those words mean to you? A variety of fruits and vegetables? Sure. To me, right now, those words have described the living, breathing being that is growing inside of me.   My body is growing another human being. A child is growing inside […]

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