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The Road Less Traveled: Choosing Homeschooling

The Road Less Traveled: Choosing to Homeschool

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could…” For a long time, I have felt stuck in Robert Frost’s famous poem. I’ve been staring down two very different roads, deciding which to take […]

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Grandparents Day: What the Greatest Grandparents Do

Grandparents Day: What The Best Grandparents Do

Every summer, my husband and I take our three kids back to our hometown for a long visit. The best part is coming home with stories of fishing, baking, gardening, nature walks, boating, and other priceless memories of our parents and children enjoying each other. Upon returning home this past summer, our kids were excitedly […]

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Childhood Matters Earlier is Not Better

Childhood Matters: Earlier is NOT Better

I see you, mama.   You, who worries because your toddler could care less about colors, shapes, or counting. All while your neighbor’s tot rattles them off like the daily special.   You, who’s two-year-old still rarely says a word. You’ve seen kids younger than him reciting nursery rhymes, complete with actions. You, who receives […]

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Grill Safety The Day I Almost Lost My Family

Grill Safety: The Day I Almost Lost My Family

It was an ordinary summer evening. I was at the grocery store picking up some last minute items for supper. I had left my kids playing in the backyard with my husband, who was putting some pork chops on the grill. That’s when I got the phone call. “You have to come home. I can’t […]

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Police Week I'm Happy I was Pulled Over With my Kids

Police Week: I’m Happy I was Pulled Over with My Kids

It was dreary Thursday, driving our little buddy home from preschool. My mini-van was full with three five-year-olds and a toddler, all buckled into their carseats. A weather alert came over the radio and I found myself answering question after question. I was trying to explain the difference between a tornado warning and a tornado […]

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