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Dear Mama: This Too, Shall Pass

Dear Exhausted/Fed-Up/Worn-Out Mama,

I see you downing your 2nd (or 3rd!) cup of coffee. Donning the shades to hide the bags under your eyes. You’ve been run ragged by the endless stream of questions thrown your way. The mess that magically seems to gravitate to the floor after you just cleaned up.  The bickering. The constant struggle between wanting you to help and wanting you to leave them alone. The never being alone. The multiple wake-ups in the night. Not being able to sleep once they finally go to bed because your to-do list is running through your head.

This too, shall pass.

Motherhood is a series of seasons; you have to go through one to get to the next. Some seasons are full of joyful moments that seem to pass too quickly. Others seem to be full of hardship. An infant who won’t nurse or has colic. A toddler who refuses to sleep. A threenager who seems to go from one meltdown to the next. Some days it feels like it’s never ending.

Crying Baby

This too, shall pass.

Everywhere you look you find blog posts or well-meaning friends/relatives/strangers who tell you to enjoy every minute of this stage you’re in.  “Someday you will miss this.”  Maybe you will miss this season when your baby would let you hold her. Or when your toddler said such cute words. Or when your three-year-old was so curious about the world. But I highly doubt you’re going to miss the sleep-deprivation, or the screaming, or the fights. So for now I’ll tell you…

This too, shall pass.

Because every mama needs a reminder that if you’re having a tough time, this is just a season. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Your baby is going to stop crying. Your child will eventually sleep through the night. Your big kid will start to become more independent. There’s no rule for how long it will last. But it will get better.

This too, shall pass.



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