• Where and When Kids Eat Free or Cheap in the Cedar Rapids Area
Mom's Guide To Summer in Cedar Rapids

Mom’s Guide to Summer in Cedar Rapids 2018

There's nothing better than Summer in Cedar Rapids! Who doesn't love strolling through the shops in Newbo, watching their children run through a splash pad, and listening to the sounds of local musicians playing all summer long?!  To make your life easy, we've compiled all of our favorite Cedar Rapids Moms Blog summer blog posts [...]
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My Husband’s a Better Parent Than Me

I’ll be the first to admit it, my husband is amazing. He’s a great partner, but he’s an even better father. In fact, I’ve said it a handful of times, even directly to him, that he’s a better parent than me. This may sound a bit crazy, especially when dads often get a bad rap […]

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Celebrating Fathers: He's Not a Babysitter

Celebrating Fathers: He’s NOT a Babysitter

“Oh, is your husband babysitting tonight?” “Is he watching the kids for you?” “Does he like babysitting on the weekends?” I know most people do not mean any harm when asking these questions, however, using the term “babysitting” when referring to my husband and daughters is one of my biggest pet peeves. For starters, I do […]

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