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Giving Yourself Grace

Giving Yourself Grace In Motherhood

While pregnant with our twins, I never knew how my heart would be able to love two new babies as much I loved my 2-year-old. It’s difficult to even write that now, because I can’t imagine living one breath without them. All of my anxious thoughts dissipated the moment we locked eyes. My heart just […]

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Cedar Rapids Preschool Guide

Cedar Rapids Preschool Guide

Disclosure: We are frequently asked about early childhood programs and recommendations for preschools in Cedar Rapids and understand that picking a school or child care center that fits your child’s and your family’s needs can be an overwhelming task. We are thrilled to provide this guide resource, brought to you by our many sponsors!  We hope this guide makes the [...]
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Boy to Man: Raising My Son Through #metoo

2017 was a marker year for women. We found voices. We found each other. We lead a movement that will not soon be forgotten or ignored. The lions among the lambs were ousted. A strange wave of power runs through the hearts and minds of women collectively. Women everywhere are rising up and taking a […]

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dear husband, I miss us

Dear Husband: I Miss Us

Dear Husband, As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, I’m reminded our love has changed. While I adore my imperfect, non-Normal Rockwell life, I’ll admit sometimes I miss us. I know you miss us, too. The last two years of parenting has been a whirlwind of emotions. We put our lives on the back burner to give […]

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