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Loving the Life I Was Given

Loving the Life I Was given

You know the girl. The one with the wedding idea book full of magazine cutouts. Her babies’ names have been picked out since she was ten. The one who knew what her husband was going to look like, his job, his values. The girl who had her whole adult life planned out. Yeah. That wasn’t […]

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SAHMs vs Working Moms: Motherhood in Their Shoes

Motherhood is a wild ride. There isn’t a manual handed to you when you leave the hospital. With time, you learn what works, what doesn’t and what sacrifices you are willing (or have) to make. Motherhood, no matter if it’s in the home or outside of it, comes with its nuances, struggles, accomplishments, and fears. No […]

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Mothering a Child Who Can't See

Love is Blind: Mothering a Child Who Can’t See

My husband and I got married while he was serving in the United States Marine Corps. Not long after he returned from his second deployment to Afghanistan, we found out we were expecting our first child! Ace was born in a Naval hospital and was warmly welcomed by my husband’s platoon. Soon after Ace was […]

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Beginner's Mind: "Shoshin" Parenting

Beginner’s Mind: “Shoshin” Parenting

Last school year I had the opportunity to hear educator, author, and speaker, Mr. John Perricone. His words spoken that day, as well as the words written in his book, Zen and the Art of Public School Teaching, changed me. He spoke of the Zen philosophy taught to him by his karate master, known as Master […]

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Blog 5 family - Am I doing this right

Am I Doing This Right?

Most of the time I feel like Nick and I are a pretty well-oiled machine. We have a schedule, and we stick to it. More times than not we are smooth sailing. But real life is never like that all the time. Curveballs await at every turn. This past week in particular was full of […]

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