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Loving the Life I Was Given

Loving the Life I Was given

You know the girl. The one with the wedding idea book full of magazine cutouts. Her babies’ names have been picked out since she was ten. The one who knew what her husband was going to look like, his job, his values. The girl who had her whole adult life planned out. Yeah. That wasn’t […]

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Mama takes a time-out

Mama Takes a Time-Out

Like other parents, sometimes I have to put my two and a half year old in time-out. There are various reasons he can land there – he’s not listening, acting too crazy and needs to calm down, he’s being too rough with his brother….so on and so forth. After the initial melt down, he generally responds […]

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25 Truths of Being Pregnant When You Have a Toddler 1

25 Truths of Being Pregnant When You Have a Toddler

If you’ve been pregnant with a toddler, you probably can relate to most, if not all of these. If you haven’t, but are thinking about it…heads up. FIRST TRIMESTER: Your toddler probably finds your morning sickness hilarious. However, you will not. If your toddler isn’t a picky eater already, they may become one. You know […]

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SAHMs vs Working Moms: Motherhood in Their Shoes

Motherhood is a wild ride. There isn’t a manual handed to you when you leave the hospital. With time, you learn what works, what doesn’t and what sacrifices you are willing (or have) to make. Motherhood, no matter if it’s in the home or outside of it, comes with its nuances, struggles, accomplishments, and fears. No […]

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Be Selfish and Make Yourself a Priority

Be Selfish and Make Yourself a Priority

Let’s face it, “me time” is a commodity we hardly get to enjoy. The rare free time we have is usually spent taking care of the pile of laundry we keep ignoring, running to the store because your kid will throw a fit if the milk runs out again, or just catching our breath. There’s always […]

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