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The Birthday Party Wars: Waving the White Flag!

The Birthday Party Wars: Waving the White Flag!

Lessons on motherhood come in all shapes and sizes, even ones that are disguised as something as harmless as a birthday invitation. When my oldest daughter’s first birthday rolled around, we planned a family get-together with the obligatory “messy cake face” picture.  Her second birthday was simple with playtime with cousins, cake, and ice cream.  […]

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No Gift Birthday Parties

No Gift Birthday Parties

Before I had a child if you asked me if they would be given presents at their birthday party I would have looked at you like you were crazy. Of course my child would have presents at their birthday party! What kind of mom bans presents from their kids’ birthday party?   Well, now I’m that […]

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Raising Thankful Hearts: 5 Thanksgiving Traditions to Encourage Gratitude

You’ve probably scoured Pinterest for new recipes or pulled out Grandma’s handwritten recipe for her famous pumpkin pie. Maybe you’ve made grocery lists, clipped coupons, and are beginning to prepare for house guests. You might be getting travel plans set.  Or maybe you’ve mapped out and created a spreadsheet (Yes, this really happens and high-five to […]

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Party Like a Gilmore: Hosting a Gilmore Girls Viewing Party

Any Gilmore Girls fans out there? Along with most die-hard fans of the show, I have been anxiously awaiting this revival as soon as I caught wind of the news over a year ago. Ideas for a Gilmore Girls-themed party starting turning in my mind right away, and they piled up as I re-watched all […]

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Healthy Halloween Treats for Boos & Ghouls

This month is filled with so many opportunities to indulge in sweet treats. From pumpkin-spiced everything to Halloween parties to the 7th bag of mixed candy that I picked up from the grocery store that I swear is for the trick-or-treaters this time. There’s sugar everywhere we turn, and our kids are about to come […]

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Fall Decor Photo Roundup | 40 Images to Inspire

Say the word “fall” and the whole country breathes a collective sigh of seasonal adoration. Fall represents a welcome reprieve from the oppressive heat and manic activity of summer, and the vibrant displays of colorful trees are nature’s way of celebrating change. As the crops are harvested from the fields, kitchens become abuzz with preparation and preservation […]

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Gold Medal Snacks for a Winning Summer Games Party

The Big Summer Games could not have come at a better time. It has been such a difficult summer for our country and our world, but these worldwide games have a way of uplifting, encouraging, and motivating us. The teamwork, passion, and challenges provide shining examples of triumphs and dedicated work to our children. You will find my family glued […]

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