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Raising Three Girls...Oh Boy!

Raising Three Girls…Oh Boy!

For anyone who had been blessed with raising girls, you know the sweetness and joy that comes with it. I have been blessed with raising three girls. Here’s what I’ve learned looking back: Embracing their personalities For the most part, my daughters who were about 2 1/2 years apart, got along well growing up. A […]

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Thank You Mom: A {Literal} Labor Day Tribute

Thank You Mom: A {Literal} Labor Day Tribute

Dear Mom, Today is Labor Day. A day when we celebrate the workforce and the value of hard work. I can’t help but think about child birth when I hear the word “labor.” Somehow, that always gets me thinking about my experience with having two kids of my own, but ultimately my thoughts go back […]

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Loving the Life I Was Given

Loving the Life I Was given

You know the girl. The one with the wedding idea book full of magazine cutouts. Her babies’ names have been picked out since she was ten. The one who knew what her husband was going to look like, his job, his values. The girl who had her whole adult life planned out. Yeah. That wasn’t […]

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5 ways to garden with toddlers

5 Ways to Garden with Toddlers

Gardening has always been one of my favorite hobbies. When I was little, I planted a marigold in a cup for my grandma as a Mother’s Day gift, which she later transplanted to her garden. I always loved that marigold, and she always told me it was the best one she had ever seen! Having […]

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A Mom’s Rendition of the ABCs

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if motherhood were as easy as reciting the ABCs? It’s silly to believe being a parent would be as easy as reciting and memorizing a quintessential childhood song, but wouldn’t it be fun if we “mom-ified” it? ‘Cause Lord knows, we need a laugh. From A to Z, here is the mom’s […]

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