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The Last First Year

The Last First Year

We are, without a doubt, not having another child. It’s physically impossible at this point and there is zero doubt or regret in that decision. We’ve kind of always said if we were fortunate enough, that 3 was a good number for us. So with the addition of our baby girl this past August, we […]

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Fantastic first birthday gifts

Fantastic First Birthday Gifts

In honor of Cedar Rapids Moms Blog’s first birthday this month, I have put together a list of great first birthday gifts! Take a look at this list for your child or one that you love!  Click on the names for links! Big Ticket Items Convertible Car Seats You little one might have grown out […]

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Helping toddlers adjust to a new baby sibling

Helping Toddlers Adjust to a New Baby Sibling

Our baby girl was laying on a blanket with her delightfully chubby legs kicking the air.  When she started fussing, I jumped up to get her a toy, but my toddler plopped down onto the blanket next her.  What she said next was everything to me: “Her is ok. Her gots me.” Having a new […]

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One Mom's Experience with Baby Sign Lanugage

Baby Sign Language: One Mom’s Experience

My daughter has recently turned a year old (What?! How?!) and is quickly picking up on everything. She amazes me daily with new-found talents. Assembling simple puzzles, paging through books, going from walking to running, getting on and off chairs, and…signing! Discovering Baby Sign Language As a soon-to-be first time mom, I read often. You […]

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Beat Cabin Fever Infant Friendly Activities in Cedar Rapids

Beat Cabin Fever: Infant-Friendly Indoor Activities in Cedar Rapids

Leaving the house during winter is always a hassle. The cold and bitter wind in Iowa makes you think twice about heading out the door. Things get a little harder when an infant is involved. Why would you want to expose your sweet little baby to the harshness that winter can bring? Well, sometimes you just […]

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