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Make it a Girls Night Out in Cedar Rapids

Hey, mama. Yeah, I’m talking to you! When was the last time you got dressed in something other than yoga pants (not counting for work)? Has your hair been put up in a messy bun for way too long? Are your kids driving you to take a mommy time-out?  It’s time to call your girlfriends, get […]

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Mom’s Guide to the Downtown Cedar Rapids Public Library

Whether it’s you who needs to get out of the house or your kids who are itching to explore the world, we’ve all been there. Sometimes you’re organized and on time (ha!) and are able to utilize the programs in our community that have set time frames. Other times, though, it’s refreshing to have resources that […]

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Beat Cabin Fever Infant Friendly Activities in Cedar Rapids

Beat Cabin Fever: Infant-Friendly Indoor Activities in Cedar Rapids

Leaving the house during winter is always a hassle. The cold and bitter wind in Iowa makes you think twice about heading out the door. Things get a little harder when an infant is involved. Why would you want to expose your sweet little baby to the harshness that winter can bring? Well, sometimes you just […]

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Pediatric Center

{Local Business Spotlight}: Pediatric Center P.C.

Cedar Rapids Moms Blog is proud to partner with Pediatric Center P.C. to bring you more information about their clinic!Are you expecting a baby soon? Or looking for a doctor for your kids? A Pediatrician may be the right choice for you! When looking for a physician there are several things to consider, including the […]

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