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Beginner's Mind: "Shoshin" Parenting

Beginner’s Mind: “Shoshin” Parenting

Last school year I had the opportunity to hear educator, author, and speaker, Mr. John Perricone. His words spoken that day, as well as the words written in his book, Zen and the Art of Public School Teaching, changed me. He spoke of the Zen philosophy taught to him by his karate master, known as Master […]

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Kids + Snow: Top 10 Photos to Take

“My wish came TRUE!” That’s what my little girl exclaimed when we woke up to see the first snow of winter blanketing the ground. There is always something magical about that first snow.  Hopes of snuggly snow days, sledding, and hot cocoa are suddenly more real. There are so many moments you want to keep […]

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Simple Celebrating: Ways to Battle Overindulgence at Christmas

Author’s Note: The use of the term Christmas throughout this post is for simplicity’s sake. I recognize and acknowledge that, aside from both secular and religious Christmas, many other observances and holidays (religious, secular, or cultural) are celebrated during this time of the year. To be perfectly honest, I’m not really into this holiday. I love the […]

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A pile of Christmas gifts in colorful wrapping with ribbons.

Holiday Humblebragging: Think Before You Post

I love Christmas, and this upcoming Christmas will be an exciting one for our family. Although it’s not my 13-month-old’s first Christmas, it’s her first time truly experiencing it – the shiny wrapping paper, the twinkling lights, decorating (or climbing on) the tree, singing yule tide carols, and stuffing her face with too much decadent holiday-themed food. […]

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