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To My Daughter who thinks she's stupid

To My Daughter Who Thinks She’s Stupid

To my smart, talented, hard-working daughter: It happened again. You couldn’t do something you wanted to do, and so you stormed off, yelling “I’m so stupid!”   I get it. You’re a negative thinker. We’ve figured that out over the years. You expect perfection from yourself. You automatically think people are laughing at you because you […]

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The Laundry Will Never Be Done And Other Truths

The Laundry Will Never Be Done and Other Truths

We had some friends come over for dinner recently. That means I spent all afternoon cleaning the kitchen, sweeping and mopping the floors, dusting, straightening up, and vacuuming our living room.  The counters were clear and clean, the sink was empty and sparkling, and the floors were cleaner than they’d been in a long, long […]

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Morther Son Date Ideas in Cedar Rapids

One on One: Mom and Son Dates in Cedar Rapids

My son hates going to stores. Just one mention of the word “errands” and he turns into a stomping, muttering, angry-faced dragon of a boy. I should mention that he’s nine years old. Still, somewhere along the way, I discovered a little secret. This boy doesn’t mind going to stores at all if he goes […]

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