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Grill Safety The Day I Almost Lost My Family

Grill Safety: The Day I Almost Lost My Family

It was an ordinary summer evening. I was at the grocery store picking up some last minute items for supper. I had left my kids playing in the backyard with my husband, who was putting some pork chops on the grill. That’s when I got the phone call. “You have to come home. I can’t […]

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11 Ways to Prepare Toddler for a New Baby

11 Ways to Prepare Toddlers for a New Baby

You’ve announced to the world that your adorable tot will will soon be a big brother or sister. Maybe you’ve even cut into a cake or opened the box of blue or pink balloons. Your little one is starting to get curious about your growing belly…now what? Just before my twins turned two, we were […]

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5 Last Minute Valentine Gifts Moms Will Love

5 Last Minute Valentine Gifts Moms Will Love

Hey, dads! I know, I know. It’s not the Cedar Rapids Dads Blog, but hear me out. It’s Valentine’s day today. You might not have gotten anything for your wife or significant other yet, but no big deal. You’ll pick up something before you head home tonight, right? Maybe it’s a card or some flowers. […]

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the case for christmas in july

The Case For Christmas in July

My mom sadly hung up the phone. “They aren’t coming. No one is coming.” We looked around at the impeccably clean house. Tablecloths on and candles ready to be lit. The hors d’oeuvres table was a showcase of fanned out crackers and an impressive pattern of cheeses to sample.  Clean wine glasses sat upside down […]

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Kids + Snow: Top 10 Photos to Take

“My wish came TRUE!” That’s what my little girl exclaimed when we woke up to see the first snow of winter blanketing the ground. There is always something magical about that first snow.  Hopes of snuggly snow days, sledding, and hot cocoa are suddenly more real. There are so many moments you want to keep […]

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Differently Gifted: Let’s Stop Comparing Twins

“That one is so much chubbier!”  “Awww, she must be the shy one.”  “This one’s going to be the talker!” From the moment they are born, twins are compared. Which one weighs more? Which one eats better? Who is the better sleeper?  Who is the more content baby?  I’ll confess that one of my initial […]

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