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My Police Dad Life After the Badge

My Police Dad: Life After the Badge

I am a police officer’s daughter. Technically, a retired one as of October 2015. I grew up with donut deliveries before school with police lights glowing, a locker and binder covered in silver CRPD stickers, and a group of Police “Uncles” who looked out for me always.  I remember him missing bedtime because he worked […]

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Say WHAT?! Dealing with a Mouthy Kid

Say WHAT?! Dealing with a Mouthy Kid

I was told a few years back to enjoy the innocence of my children before they start school because that’s when things “get ugly.” It is clearly something that I thought was funny and not serious. One of those things where you think that will NEVER be your child or children (insert laughter). Well, I’m […]

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The Truth About Date Night

“Date nights are important,” they said. “It will be fun!” they said. “Get away for a little bit,” they said. The truth is, date night is a lot of work! It’s a lot of prep, stress, worry, sometimes money, and more times than not – leaves me EXHAUSTED!  Now, I remember this not being the case when my […]

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The Value of First-Time Moms

The Value of First-Time Moms

We’ve all dealt with them, and maybe even been them. Know-it-all Moms. Judgey Moms. The ones that swear by this or swear by that, frown at you if you didn’t do this or did that, and slyly give their opinions whenever the opportunity presents itself. Veteran moms and moms with more than one child tend […]

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The First 63 Days With Three Kids: How To Survive

Sixty-three days of life with three kids. I know what I’m supposed to say: “I’m soaking up every second.” “It’s been the greatest joy.” ”We are adjusting wonderfully.” If you judge our life by Instagram posts, it appears we do nothing but smile and love on each other in our catalog clean outfits. Those photos […]

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Blog 5 family - Am I doing this right

Am I Doing This Right?

Most of the time I feel like Nick and I are a pretty well-oiled machine. We have a schedule, and we stick to it. More times than not we are smooth sailing. But real life is never like that all the time. Curveballs await at every turn. This past week in particular was full of […]

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