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Four Ingredient Meals: Pesto Chicken Bake

Quick and Easy FOUR Ingredient Meals

The other night for dinner I made this Tex-Mex Chopped Salad. It was amazingly delicious! We pretty much gobbled it down; even the three year old loved it! It was amazing, but it was also A LOT of chopping, A LOT of ingredients, and A LOT of time! Maybe I’m exaggerating a little here, but […]

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Becoming an Empty-Nester...What Do I Do Now?

Becoming an Empty Nester: What Do I Do Now?

It’s happened.  The day I have been dreading for eighteen years is here….my baby, Hanna, is graduating.  I will officially be an “empty nester” in August.  Sigh. How on Earth did this happen? It’s not rocket science, she grew up. The same thing happened to her two older sisters. But why? Why did they have […]

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Open Letter to My Kids Entering Fourth Grade

The Fourth Grade: An Open Letter to My Twins

When I think back on my elementary years, fourth grade is a time I remember vividly. It’s the furthest back I can go and reminisce on exact conversations, what I was feeling, or how I dressed without the help of pictures. This year, you will be entering the fourth grade and even though each year […]

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